8 Biggest Brands For Women’s Outdoor And Hiking Boots

Women’s hiking and outdoor boots is a relatively large category of shoes with at least 50 different major brands making outdoor boots. Each brand has its advantages and disadvantages. Discussed in this article are the top brands in the outdoor and hiking category and the price range for each brand.

Vasque – Vasque’s entire product line is focused on outdoor, hiking, and camping boots and shoes. Of all major brands, Vasque contributes the most styles to the outdoor and hiking cateogry. Prices range from between $80 and $170 with most boots pricing around $125 retail.

New Balance – New Balance is a major footwear retailer that makes all kinds of apparel, including outdoor footwear for men and women. Most outdoor footwear is trail running shoe styles rather than rugged boots. Prices range from $65 to $112 with most pricing around $70 a pair.

Lowa – Women’s Lowa outdoor boots are less focused on hiking and more oriented for rugged outdoor wear. Boot and shoes have deep tread with strong soles. Prices range from $160 to $320 with most styles falling around $200 a pair.

Merrell – Like New Balance, Merrell footwear makes many different styles of shoes, and contributes many new models to each style every single year. Merrell is the second biggest contributor to the outdoor hiking category. Most styles have tread similar to a running shoe but with an outdoor look. Prices range from $65 to $135 with most pricing around $90 a pair.

The North Face – Having one of the most diverse offerings of outdoor footwear for women, The North Face footwear include closed toe sandals with a slip resistant sole to hiking shoes with deep claw like tread. Plus, The North Face has the advantage of being some of the least expensive options with shoe prices ranging from $65 to $105 with most falling around $80 a pair.

Keen – Keen helped pioneer a new type of footwear, the outdoor sport sandal. They are best known for their closed toe sandals, though they compliment their selection with other outdoor footwear including hiking shoes and boots. Prices range from $70 to $120 a pair depending on the style you are looking for.

Brooks – Brooks is the footwear for runners and their outdoor selection is no different. All of their styles for women are trail running shoes designed to be lightweight and have good traction to minimize slipping. Prices range from $50 to $120 with most styles around $75 a pair.

Teva – Like Keen, Teva is best known for their outdoor sandals, but this company does so much more. Women’s Footwear styles include sandals, sneakers, running shoes, and hiking boots. Enjoy a wider selection of styles with the same outdoor look and a tread to match the style. Prices range widely depending on whether it is a sandal, shoe, or boot, but most outdoor styles price around $90 a pair.

While we only have enough space to discuss the 8 largest outdoor footwear brands, other large brands in the outdoor category include Ecco, garmot, Asolo, Reebok, Montrail, Muck Boots, GoLite, Danner, Ariat, Icebut, and Wolverine.

When deciding between brands, first decide whether you are just going for an outdoor look or need shoes designed for outdoor living. Then choose a brand based on what you intend to be doing in that footwear. You need a very different type of boot if your plan is running trails vs scaling glaciers. Plan for the occasion and be properly prepared.