Lessons Learned from Years with

Individuals Who Were National Honor Society Members

It is important for the experts in the society to ensure that they are able to do well in their fields in the society so that people in the society can be able to remember them for their excellent jobs. When the people are able to do well in their field they will be able to be honored in the society. When people in the society are able to do remarkable works in their areas of specialization they will have the opportunity to join the national honor society members. It is the goal of every person in the society to be able to leave a legacy in the society by excelling in a certain field at any given period of time. Honor society members are always remembered in the society due to their good work that they usually do. The people in the society have got responsibility in ensuring that they do something that will enable the society to be able to remember them for their good job at any given period of time.

Cindy Crawford was well known for her capability to act well in the society that made her famous. Her effortless beauty and style was able to make her famous in the society. The lady had a lot of interest in beauty industry and her passion enabled her to excel in the field. Cindy Crawford was able to receive scholarship to study chemical engineering due to her good job in the field of beauty. Cindy Crawford latter declined the scholarship offer and was latter able to study supermodeling course due to her overwhelming passion in beauty industry.

Carrie Underwood was also another member of the national honor society. She was well known in the music industry due to her ability to sing touching music that attracted many people in the society. She was also a known basketball player who was a good performer. She was able to pursue mass communication and journalism.

She was made famous in her society due to her good skills in journalism industry. She was able to work in three famous television channels in the society. Later she was able to serve in yahoo as global news caster. Katie Couric later joined the university of Virginia where she was able to build her reputation well by taking different roles in the university’s newspaper. She later graduated from the same university where she was awarded degree in American studies. Due to her ability to get good results she was able to get a degree in American Studies.