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The Top Soccer Leagues In The World To Watch

Soccer ranks at the top of the list of the most favorite games. All over the world the game is played in different leagues. Everyone has his own opinion as to which league ranks at the top of the table as the most popular.

Relying on available data, it is possible to make a convincing list of the leagues’ popularity. Football is a high-octane affair making it difficult to reach a balanced verdict.

We can be confident to bring out the list because we have credible data to back us up. In the order of popularity, this article gives the list of top ranking tournaments.

English Premier League deservedly sits at number one. The league brings together England’s top 20 footballclubs. A system of elevation and downgrading is the basis upon which the league is operated.

Between the month of May and August is when the championships of the English Premier League take place. Fans have the opportunity to watch the live matches that are broadcast courtesy of the TV networks that have won the bid to air them.

La Liga is the world’s second placed soccer league in the world that is run from Spain. 20 soccer teams compete in the championship that is based on the demotion and elevation approach.

La Liga is the leading football league in the whole of Europe. The prominent clubs in the championship are Real Madrid and Barcelona.

A professional football organ that is based in Germany referred to as Bundesliga takes a comfortable third spot in the list of top notch leagues on planet. The league is made up of 18 soccer clubs who compete for the top slots decided upon by application of upgrade and downgrade system total of 18 football teams fight it out in the tournament subject to the method of distration and aggrandizement.

In Europe, Bundesliga has managed the fourth slot in terms of popularity ranking. Founded in 1962, the league has seen teams like Bayern Munich win majority of the titles. The management of the league, which also has enormous financial muscles have undergone several changes since inception.

Serie A, the Italian based soccer league can be confidently placed at the fourth place in the list of world’s best. Teams like Roma and Napoli have for a long time been the face of Serie A tournament.

Part of the reason that has put Serie A in financial crisis is the current economic situation in the country. The league’s deft display of finesse in their matches has earned it admiration globally.

The French based football tournament, which had its inauguration back in 1932,deserves the fifth spot it has earned due to its commitment to excellence. Under DNCG, the managerial discipline and integrity of the league is enforced.