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The Future of Machines and Human Beings

Today, there are so many people who have experienced a glimpse of the AI world domination. There are so many people who are always using machines and are wishing that these machines would be able to subjectively handle the designated tasks without failure tend that they will free a lot of time for the populaces. It deems fit keenness on determining the route that human beings will follow and the overall machine training process. Nowadays, machines are allowed to learn and people are now relaxing believing that machines will handle all the work with zero rebels. Well, people have just tested the waters and there is more toe experience. However, trends have been laid for the no-collar workforce and these trends are irreversible in the future. These trends have made it possible for the autonomous machines to become part of life. This article identifies three ways in which machines and human beings will have to interact in the workstations.

Tech fluency will be inevitable. This entails human beings learning how these AI machines think, behave and how the machine learning process is. Human powered workforce will ultimately experience some replacement by these machines. Thus, it deems fit for human beings to garner tech fluency and learn ways and means through which they can work with the machines as coworkers.

There will be need for machine resources. This is where a machine resource department will be developed for the overall wellbeing of the machines. There will be rules set as well as regulations. In other words, there is need for machine rights to be formulated. There are so many people who will be suffering at first and they will have hard time embracing that machine should be treated like human beings. There will be need to have a way of redefining the machine rights for people to understand.

The reaction of the humans will determine their future progression. As the machine replace human powered workforce, many collared workers will lose their jobs and this will be a disaster. One group will be suffering while feeling sorry for themselves and others will be busy rioting. basically, there is need for one to adapt where they eye to survive and start earning again. Where a person has adapted first and acquired one of the few jobs created, they will be in a better position than other people.

there is need to embrace AI and machine learning keenly. There is need to start acquiring tech fluency and be future focused. With a high level of tech fluency, you will be indisputable and you will be one of the few who will enjoy the very first job opportunities created.