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Exquisite Cities that you can Add to You Bucket List

Most people would attest admiring London as a City to visit on one of their many holidays. The fact that it has a rich history has really ensured many people are endeared by its beauty. You might want to see some other cities if you consider London being the best and eventually be able to make your judgment.

There are other cities that might match London that you would be compelled to visit. One of them being Venice. Venice as it stands has one of the best histories in the world. This type of cities tend to ensure that you get at the forefront as far as their rich history is concerned. The historical monuments that it was started with are still standing. The streets have so plenty of arts and the Vatican have embedded marbles that give it a glowing look altogether. You can never go to this city without trying out the food considering that this is part of the culture.

The other best alternative is Mumbai. You might find the stars that are in Bollywood in this city considering that this is termed as the hub of entertainment I India. For celebrity life then this city would be the perfect start. In the event then that you would feel that you want some assortment of excitement then this would be the place to visit.

You would note that in some instances you would be able to get an experience of a life time in this city as opposed to others. The Gateway to India is also a notable place that would guarantee satisfaction. You can also decide to visit New York. It is also known for its big monuments. You would find among the most notable buildings tend to come from this city. It is vital that you would be able to ensure that you would get the beauty that is portrayed in the architecture of Rotterdam. It involved having to rebuild the city after the war. The architecture was made to suit the modern city setting. Compared to the others this might not be an entertainment city. There is green places where you can relax and or even read a book which would keep you attentive due to the serene beauty and calmness.

You might find Buenos Aires also quite interesting. It is probably known for its beef more than other attributes. It tend to have a natural outlook for the people visiting. It would be important that you would be able to grace some of this cities considering you would have the best time of your life.