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Some Information About the Medicare Supplement Guaranteed Issue

You can think of the Medicare Supplement guaranteed issue as privilege that is provided by Medicare letting you take advantage of such in specific situations if you must change the healthcare plan you own. You might want to move to that Medigap plan from such Medicare Select plan or a different one or you wish to change to the Medigap plan because of some issues.

Medicare will permit you to use such guaranteed issue when this is covered by the specific situations in which you may use it but there is a time limit for changing your plan. Such initial period of enrollment may actually last up to 6 months after turning 65 but you will only get 63 days in order to make such change through the Medicare Supplement guaranteed issue.

You should understand that you can get Medigap after you exit the group insurance. There are many people which continue to get the benefits because of such group employment coverage after turning 65. You may not be ready to retire yet or perhaps the employer has permitted you to continue in going for the group coverage after leaving which is given to be part of the overall benefits package.

Regardless of the case, if the group coverage ends, such guaranteed issue would let you choose from the different Medigap plans. Medicare is not actually going to impose a penalty on those who want to have the group coverage benefits or those who would prefer to continue working for their employers.

You may still get such Medigap policy even if you have that COBRA insurance. You will also have such guaranteed issue rights though the COBRA policy is still in effect.

When your Medicare Advantage plan won’t serve your present location, then you can have that Medicare Supplement guaranteed issue. You must know that the Medicare Advantage doesn’t serve every region. If the insurer that you have doesn’t provide you with a plan in your present location, you should have that Medicare Supplement guaranteed issue which will let you get a plan in your new place.

But, you must return to the Original Medicare. When you would move to a new state and get another Medicare Advantage plan, you will not get the guaranteed issue rights if you make a decision to choose the Medigap plan.

For such situation, you may select from the Medigap Plans A, C, B, F, L, and K. Every offer has a different level of coverage so you need to do your own research first before you make a decision regarding the plan that you will get that will definitely serve your needs in the best way.

Know that those guaranteed issue rights could protect you from waiting periods as well as screening processes. Also, they would prevent you from getting a denied coverage by those insurance companies.

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