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A Guide to Protecting Rights After Pulled Over

There are various penalty charges for all types of driving under the influence of alcohol. Such charges that are imposed on drivers are often so high and may be at a time you didn’t commit any offense at all and hence you should protect your rights. It pays to know well the type of rights you should be enjoying regardless of you were drunk or not when you were pulled over. Madrid Law Firm can also offer you solutions when you face a challenge.

Traffic checks often happen routinely and it may be that even you appeared under the influence of alcohol as you tried to swerve and avoid hitting objects or animals. Most people fear cops but you should know that they deal with things legally. Thus it is important to know what they will often ask or can’t ask you. It may also be necessary to learn from expert lawyers from Madrid Law Firm on how this can be dealt with.

It is important that you keep your cool. Most people are often charged because they talk a lot and demean the cops and you should know that keeping your cool when pulled over is better. There are simple things that they will ask you to do and those actually should be done without asking so many questions.

When an officer suspects that you are under the influence of alcohol, he/she will question you a lot. Such questions are meant to start them with investigation. They will ask you questions including if you have ever smoked marijuana before. Don’t admit when they question you. Even when lawyers from Madrid Law Firm will come to your rescue, they may face hard case because you admitted.

Ensure that you get to know what can happen if you decline a breathalyzer. You should know that some drivers who haven’t even consumed alcohol or any drink may refuse the breathalyzer test. What you should be aware of here is the fact that you are not obliged to take such sobriety tests but there are consequences that will accompany them. Since it is not something hard, you can just go through than getting fined later for refusing it. If you seek for advice from Madrid Law Firm, you will be advised to deal with such problems at the road.

The constitution allows you to avoid saying anything until you speak to an attorney. Some drivers keep their law firm contacts that will be useful during such instances. For those drivers who normally go for cocktails, they often follow this advice. For those who don’t have specific attorneys to help them, they can call Madrid Law Firm and get help.