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How to Choose the Best Menstrual Cups

A menstrual pad, a tampon, and the menstrual cups are different products. The products are different, but they are all used for the same purpose of ensuring hygiene in disposing menstruation blood. The tampons and the menstrual pads are very popular than the menstrual cups because they are bought more regularly than the menstrual cups. The amount of resources allocated in promoting menstrual cups is very little compared to the other menstrual products because menstrual cups have low demand over time due to their durability.

Menstrual cups are likely to be bought once after about ten years because they can be sterilized and used again. Menstrual cups are sued by being fitted into the vagina during menstrual periods where they manage the menstrual blood. After blood collection, the individual should remove the menstrual cup carefully, empty the contents and sterilize the product and for future use. Every woman should have at least one menstrual cup even if they have other menstruation products. When you are on the look for the right menstrual cup for you, here are some essential tips to consider.

Based on your previous experiences, you should choose a menstrual cup according to how heavy your menses are. A considerable number of women have a regular-sized flow of menses hence they need standard menstrual cups. What is considered to a standard menstrual flow is any amount of menstrual blood less than eight tablespoons. If you know that your menstrual flow is usually more than that, then you should pick a menstrual cup with a higher capacity.

Secondly, you should check if the menstrual cup has FDA approval to ensure it’s of high quality. All consumer products pass through quality and safety regulation boards to ensure they are safe for public consumption. Since the menstrual cups are not widely known by many people, it can be a common mistake to buy products which are of low quality. To be on the safe side about the quality of the menstrual cup, you should always ensure that it has an FDA mark. Low quality unapproved menstrual cups might be cheap, but the health risk associated with such products is enormous thus people should be wary about them.

Finally, you should consider how firm the product feels. Some people prefer firm menstrual cups because they are easy to wear and fit tightly thus reducing the probability of leakages. The disadvantage of firmer menstrual cups to a lot of women is that that might feel uncomfortable. If the cup feel too tight along the vaginal walls, then you should change it with a softer product to ensure your comfort.

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