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What Are The Different Kinds Of Work In The Jewelry Industry

You do not need to own a ton of cash to be able to surround yourself with jewelry, this article will help you enter the jewel industry by discussing the different types of career choices it offers.

In this article, you will learn about the top five career choices in the jewel industry.

A gemstone appraiser must be able to quickly assess whether a certain ring expensive or cheap.

If you are considering becoming a gemstone appraiser, this article would definitely help you, since it would require for you to have good mathematical and scientific skills in order to describe each piece of jewelry and tell the difference between them and tell their exact values.

A gem appraiser uses a particular formula to tell the value of a specific piece of jewelry, which will aid those are interested in retail selling and insurance companies.

In 2018, gemstone appraiser are paid more than $55,000.00

You may even consider becoming a gemstone manufacturer if utilizing math and science skills is not your thing.

Gemstone manufacturers are paid a little over $40,000.00.

A gemstone manufacturer’s job is to cut and treat stones, from a rough piece of gemstone to a beautiful piece of jewelry is what makes gemstone manufacturer’s job worthwhile.

This article would help you get acquainted with a wholesale gemstone purchaser, especially if you are one who enjoys jewelry and travel.

A wholesale gemstone purchaser’s job is to look for the most beautiful of pearls or the most gorgeous of stones in the whole world, import them and make them available for the public.

A wholesale gemstone purchaser is worth a little more than $53,000.00

In addition, we will discuss on gemstone salesperson or a store manager.

A gemstone salesperson or a store manager engages with the clients and helps them choose the best jewelry suited for them, he must be equipped with good communication skills and knows how to please the customers.

A jewelry sales representative’s average salary is $42,000.00 while a jewelry sales manager is $47,000.00

Becoming a gemologist is a good idea for those who are good in analyzing, certifying and describing gemstones.

There are three types of gemologists, the auction gemologist, the lab gemologist, and the retail gemologist.

A retail gemologist works in a reputable jewelry store and aids customers in repairing their broken jewelry, he also assesses each jewelry by identifying if it is a fake or not.

A lab gemologist’s work is to search for gemstones and examine them in the lab on how it was formed.

An auction gemologist handles private jewelry and sells them in auctions.

Read this article to learn more about the above-mentioned career choices and know how to become one now.

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