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Facts About Underfloor Heating

When it comes to determining how to heat your home, there are multiple options you can choose from. Obviously, underfloor heating is one of the best methods you need to consider. Below is some information you need to know about underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating is a method that has been widely used in Northern Europe for a long time now, but it has also been currently used in other parts of the world too. Underfloor heating can be installed in any building whether it is freshly build or an existing property.

The underground heating system makes the flooring release heat. In general, the underfloor heating systems are of two different kinds. They operate in a similar way but they differ in the way of generating heat. The water based underfloor heating method circulates heated water through a pipe and radiates heat, which keeps the floor warm. While the electrical underground heating method uses electric heating cable to generate heat.

Electric Underfloor Heating System

Whether it is a large or small building, commercial or residential, the electric underfloor heating systems is perfect for any types of property. The mechanics for this specific method is cost-effective as well as not complex. All it require is the installation of interconnected hollow pipes between the ground and the floor, on which the house is built. The whole network is all fixed to an electric socket. Turning on the switch cause the air in these pipes to heat up through the process of radiation, this warms up the floor and keeps a cozy atmosphere inside the building.

Water Based Underfloor Heating System

This method utilize water that is heated at a lower temperature than the normal radiator heating system, wherein the emitters are installed in the walls. For this reason, water based underfloor heating system is a better qualified to be installed, along with a very proficient condensing boilers. Furthermore, the lower temperature makes this system the best to be used with solar water heaters or heat pumps.

So as to keep the temperature of the heated water controlled, the hot water from the boiler and the water in the pipe are constantly blend. In this way, the chosen temperature can be easily achieved. The heated water will then be distributed to different areas of flooring. Placing the water pipes infrastructure to the different areas of your house enables the water to be directed to any room you want, which means that you have the option to heat just your bedroom, kitchen floor, or living room.

Before you start installing on a one, see to it whether the system you pick is suitable to your house and floor condition. The right underfloor heating method will take away the moisture you might feel under the feet.

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